Service Description

The adversarial review is our most flexible and fastest red team engagement package. It is essentially a simulated threat on paper. We review relevant plans, policies, procedures (P3), counter-UAS system specifications, and/or publicly available information to perform our target analysis and develop realistic “attack” vectors. In some cases, and when deemed beneficial, we may seek to perform a site survey to complement other information gathering efforts. Unlike exercises, the review is not interactive outside of the initial information gathering stage.

The adversarial review is useful at any stage of counter-UAS system implementation, but it is recommended for the very early stages where it can have the greatest influence on P3 and counter-UAS system acquisition decisions. The review is also very useful for one-time events with time constraints such as movement of VIPs and cargo, sporting events, and emergency situations.

The results of the review define a specific threat, or range of threats, which can be incorporated into follow-on vulnerability assessments and subsequent risk management activities. Threat modeling is performed in-house, therefore you only need to have a rough order of magnitude notion of the threat. Of course, additional threat information is always welcomed for inclusion into our modeling.       

Key Components

  • Information gathering
  • Threat modeling
  • Target analysis
  • Attack vectors
  • Reporting


  • Written report
  • Onsite presentation (online is desired)