Who Is At Risk

If you face existing challenges such as

  • terrorism
  • sabotage/vandalism
  • corporate espionage
  • kidnapping of executives and key employees
  • theft of materials

it is possible your adversaries, especially the more sophisticated ones, may choose to employ unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) sometime in the future. In some scenarios, the drone may play a primary role such as a strike platform. While in other cases, it may play a supporting role usually by conducting surveillance or reconnaissance. We recognize drones offer unique advantages and have certain limitations which make them ideal for some situations and a liability or ineffective for others. The graphic below provides a list of potential private sector targets where we believe drones could play a role. If you find yourself in one of the target areas, you may be susceptible to the drone threat.     

who is at risk from drones and how

How AISC can help

Our focus is simple. We help you

  1. Determine current and future drone threats
  2. Find and fix vulnerabilities to drone threats

Because the drone threat is so new, most organizations are only now beginning to address the challenge. While some may initial policies, plans, and procedures (P3) and counter-UAS (C-UAS) defenses in place, few, if any have mature systems evaluated in situ against relevant threats. Regardless of where your organization is at though, AISC offers a C-UAS solution that fits your needs. The first step is recognizing a potential drone-based threat exists.

how aisc can help with counter-drone needs