Industry Leading Counter-UAS Training for Security Professionals and General Staff

Small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) threats are unique and new to many security professionals. So, we designed Basic UAS Threat Awareness (BUTA) to jump start your personnel in UAS technology as well as defense and threat fundamentals. For those just beginning to address the UAS threat issue, BUTA serves as a foundation on which to begin risk mitigation activities. In lower risk situations, the only necessary measures may be training like this and more advanced courses offered by AISC. In higher risk situations, this course is meant to complement training from counter-UAS equipment vendors and augment knowledge needed for sound counter-UAS plans, policies, and procedures. 



  • Fundamental understanding of UAS design, manufacture, operations, history, and applications
  • How UAS can be used by reckless and malicious users
  • Introduction to UAS defenses
  • Introduction to adversary tradecraft
  • Preparation for advanced counter-UAS training


  1. UAS Overview
  2. Aircraft
  3. Ground Control Stations
  4. Payloads
  5. Data Links
  6. The UAS Ecosystem
  7. Threats from Non-Hostile Actors
  8. Threats from Hostile Actors
  9. UAS Defenses
  10. Adversary Tradecraft


  • Duration: Approximately 16 hours
  • Routinely updated to keep pace with the rapidly changing counter-UAS problem
  • Periodic live question & answer sessions (recorded and available on the course page)
  • Contact the instructor any time via email
  • Student progress tracking
  • Certificate of completion
  • Prerequisite for other AISC courses


  • General staff
  • Frontline security personnel and management
  • Risk analysts


  • Online/self-paced
  • Hosted on a dedicated, 3rd party eLearning website  
  • Every student has an individual account
  • Available 24/7, anywhere in the world
  • Available on desktop or mobile devices
  • English language (contact us for others)


  • Free trials available
  • $299 per student for single purchases
  • Significant bulk discounts available
  • Credit card purchases possible through website

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