Drone Boat Threats Now?

Maritime interests need to be taking unmanned aircraft and boat threats seriously.

We have been working on a number of potential attack vectors for small unmanned aircraft against a variety of maritime targets. These types of attacks are difficult to execute due to the limited payload capacities of small drones, but  THERE ARE ALWAYS vulnerabilities to exploit. Naturally, I would prefer a larger aircraft, such as a re-purposed military drone if I could find one, but an unmanned boat would due just as well. And you don’t need state sponsorship to pull it off. Off the shelf control systems used on unmanned aircraft work for unmanned boats too.

Houthi Rebels Use Another Unmanned Boat Bomb Against the Saudis

For the second time in 2017, Houthi rebels have used a remote-controlled boat bomb to attack a Saudi Arabian ship, raising the possibility that the two-year-old conflict between the Yemeni rebels and the Saudi military could also threaten global oil shipments.

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