Drones for PSYOPs

Yet another drone application, brought to you by the Russians.

From the folks over at Digital Forensic Research Lab:

Electronic Warfare by Drone and SMS

How Russia-backed separatists use “pinpoint propaganda” in the Donbas

Bursts of harrowing SMS text messages are periodically sent to cellphones on the frontlines of the conflict in Ukraine, apparently intended to intimidate members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) into deserting or fleeing their positions.

This type of information warfare has been termed “pinpoint propaganda,” a high-tech version of dropping leaflets onto enemy battlefields.

Threatening text messages have been documented since the beginning of the conflict in 2014, with messages such as “Nobody needs your kids to become orphans” or “Ukrainian soldiers, they’ll find your bodies when the snow melts” coming in from what appear to be fellow soldiers or Kyivstar, a popular Ukrainian cellphone service provider.

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