Issue 21 Counter-UAS Newsletter

UAS Vision: Drone Hits Boeing 737 Approaching Buenos Aires Airport

“An Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-800, flying from Trelew, northeastern Patagonia, was struck by a drone during the final landing approach to Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport, La Capital reports. At the time of the accident, the plane was flying over the Tierra Santa religious theme park.”


Fox News: Israeli police launch investigation into drone company

“Israeli police have opened an investigation into an Israeli drone company regarding its dealings with a “significant client.” Police did not elaborate in their statement about Yavne-based Aeronautics Ltd on Tuesday and said a gag order had been imposed on the case.”


The Verge: Tracking rogue drones with DJI’s new Aeroscope system

“I wasn’t expecting that we’d spot any drones when I joined Nick Martino, an airport operations supervisor, on his daily patrol around Camarillo Airport. We climbed into a white Chevy Tahoe, its side emblazoned with a blue “7,” and Martino used a two-way radio to clear the runway of any aircraft nearby. (The Tahoe was big, but an aircraft would win.) In my lap I held a 40-pound Pelican Case, the latest creation from Chinese drone-maker DJI. Two wand-sized antennae stuck out of the top lid of the case; inside was a touchscreen display, running mapping software.”


Haaretz: Hamas: Mossad Agents Carrying Bosnian Passports Behind Tunisia Drone Expert Assassination

“Hamas said on Thursday that Mossad agents carrying Bosnian passports were behind the assassination of Mohammed Zawahri, the Palestinian militant group’s drone expert, in Tunisia last year. Mohammed Nazzal, a member of Hamas’ political bureau, said during a press conference in Beirut that an investigation showed that, as part of the preparations for the assassination, two apartments were rented. He Zawahri was under close Mossad surveillance for four months prior to his killing, and that the Mossad agents were aided by other intelligence agencies. Nazzal added that Mossad agents carrying Bosnian passports were responsible for his death.”



“The country is extremely unprepared to address the multiple threats presented by drones, either from cross-border terrorism or from unregulated and dangerous domestic use, State Comptroller Joseph Shapira reported on Wednesday. Regarding cross-border terrorism- style drone threats, Shapira said that the IDF “has not developed a complete response” and “needs to immediately carry out more preparatory work” to address the issue.”


WBOI Radio (Audio): Prisons Work To Keep Out Drug-Smuggling Drones

“Drone technology is getting more advanced and more affordable. Great for consumers, but a challenge for law enforcement, in particular, prison officials because drones are being used to smuggle in drugs or cell phones or other contraband. Michigan Radio’s Tracy Samilton reports.”


Business Insider: Chinese drones may soon swarm the market — and that could be very bad for the US

“China showed off some of its latest drone models and projects at this year’s Dubai Airshow and it looks like many spectators were interested. China has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of drones it has sold to foreign countries in recent years, and that could be a troubling development for the United States.”


You Tube: IAI Perimeter Protection Radar


USA Today: Drone carrying drugs, phones crashes in prison yard

“An attempt to deliver a load of drugs and cellphones to inmates at an Arizona prison failed when the drone carrying the contraband crashed in a yard accessible only to corrections officers. The Arizona Department of Corrections said Thursday it is still trying to determine who was behind the botched delivery Sept. 24.”


Unmanned Systems News: Florida Airport Installs Dual Bird-Drone Detection Radar System

“Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) has announced that, in partnership with DeTect, a provider of aviation security and safety solutions, it has completed the installation of a dual function MERLIN Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar and a DroneWatcher Drone Detection and Defense system called DroneWatcher DSR.”


CBS New York: NYPD’s Aviation Unit Hits The Sky To Crack Down On Illegally Flown Drones

“More than 600,000 drones were registered with the Federal Aviation Administration last year alone. As they grow in popularity, so do the number of accidents involving some of the amateur aircraft. To see how the NYPD is cracking down on rogue drones, CBS2’s Maurice Dubois took to the sky with the department’s aviation unit. One drone hit a window on the Empire State Building, another hit an Army helicopter over Staten Island, countless more have collided, slammed, and smashed across the five boroughs narrowly avoiding mass chaos.”


Department 13: Anatomy of DJI Drone Identification Implementation

“This white paper examines several nuances in DJI Technology’s implementation of Remote Drone Identification (DroneID or UAS-ID).  The paper reviews the purpose of P.L. 114-190 (specifically, the requirements proposed by the FAA’s UAS-ID ARC committee) and whether DJI has responded appropriately to the requirements.”


The Register: Drone maker DJI left its private SSL, firmware keys open to world+dog on GitHub FOR YEARS

“Chinese drone maker DJI left the private key for its dot-com’s HTTPS certificate exposed on GitHub for up to four years, according to a researcher who gave up with the biz’s bug bounty process. DJI also exposed customers’ personal information – from flight logs to copies of government ID cards – to the internet from misconfigured AWS S3 buckets.”


SIPRI: New SIPRI study on autonomy in weapon systems: State of play and options for moving forward

“As the First Meeting of the Group of Governmental Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) begins at the United Nations in Geneva this week, SIPRI launches a new report, Mapping the Development of Autonomy in Weapon Systems, which aims to shed light on the current developments in autonomy in weapon systems and thereby provide important insights for informed international discussions.”


Al-Monitor: Are Hamas drones really a threat to Israel?

“State Comptroller Joseph Shapira published a special report Nov. 14 on Israel’s national preparedness against the drone threat. The comptroller cited the urgency of the threat in his decision to publish now rather than waiting to release the analysis as part of his annual report. Previous assessments, like that of the Hamas terror tunnels, he said, have sometimes lagged behind the rapid development of severe threats, and there is no time to waste.”


Fox 10 Phoenix: PRISON DRONE DELIVERY: Local company looking at ways to stop bad drones

“As drone technologies continue to improve, there has been concerns over its negative impact. Ryan Naraine works with cybersecurity company Bishop Fox out of Tempe. Officials with the company said they have been sounding the alarm on the need for drone defenses for a while, and said FOX 10 Phoenix’s story on Wednesday magnified the need.” FURIOUS HONDURAS BOSS CLAIMS AUSTRALIA USED A DRONE TO SPY ON HIS TEAM

“Honduras boss Jorge Luis Pinto has accused Australia of intentionally spying on his team by using a drone ahead of Wednesday’s World Cup inter-confederation play-off.”

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