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Counter-UAS News from Around the World

The Hindu: UAV crashes in Kochi

“An Israeli-origin unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operated by the Southern Naval Command in Kochi crashed on Tuesday. The UAV, which was on a routine surveillance sortie, crashed around 10.25 a.m. shortly after take off. “The remotely piloted arcraft failed to attain the expected height and came crashing down,” said an official statement. It also said the aircraft crashed in the vicinity of the HHA tank terminal on the northern side of Willingdon Island. However, there was no casualty or damage to property. A Board of Inquiry is being constituted to investigate the cause of accident, it said. The crashed aircraft was part of the naval air squadron INS Garuda, which comprises the Israeli aircraft herons and searchers. “

Image of crash site


We Talk UAV: Department 13 business and why else Kevin Finisterre might give up $30 000 bounty

“Kevin Finisterre is a self-taught hacker security researcher, Systems Analyst Digital Munitions, who likes to pride himself on successfully hacking into everything from police car DVR systems to casino electronic cash boxes and money counters. But the latest victim of his “work” is UAV industry.”


Avionics: Atlanta Utility Company Introduces New Drone ID Tech

“Two Southern Company employees developed a way to identify operator contact information on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) using a wireless connectivity chip that transmits a continuous data signal. Signals on the patent-pending technology includes a unique identification number, a call-back key to contact the operator via phone or email, the operator’s address, elevation and latitude/longitude data.”


Defense Blog: Poland orders thousand Warmate “suicide drones”

“Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz has signed a contract for delivery of Warmate drones to the Polish army. On 20 November Polish WB Group was awarded a PLN 100 million (USD20 million) contract for the supply of Warmate Micro Combat Unmanned Aircraft System to the Polish Army. According to the agreement signed with the armed forces, 100 sets of short-range combat unmanned aircraft systems will be delivered. Each set consists of 10 drones.”


Drone Life: DroneShield Video Wows Government Officials

“An American-Australian startup has a lot to be thankful for this month.This week, DroneShield released new video of two anti-drone solutions in an effort to attract government contracts. The company recently launched a video featuring DroneSentinel and DroneSentry and conducted a demonstration for federal government and foreign governmental end-users at its Virginia office.”

Video from You Tube


BBC: New law set to restrict drone use near airports

“Drone users will face new restrictions from next year, following more than 50 near misses with aircraft in the last 12 months, a transport minister says. The new law could restrict drone use near airports and give police new powers to land drones suspected of involvement in criminal activity. Baroness Sugg said the chance of a significant incident was high and “we are clear on the need to act”.”


The Seattle Times: Almost 1 million drones are registered with FAA; this ZIP code has the most

“Researchers say the ZIP code containing the highest number of registered hobbyist drone users in the country is in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports drone researchers at Bard College in New York analyzed data from the Federal Aviation Administration, finding the 89117 ZIP code had 672 hobbyist drone registrations.”


Fox News: Drones becoming a threat to first-responder operations

“Drones are putting lives at risk, say first responders. There are some limited rules that govern where hobbyist drones can fly, but firefighters and local law enforcement officers tell Fox News the requirements don’t go far enough because they are unenforceable in the middle of real-time operations. They say negligent operators cannot be discerned from criminals and potential terrorists, giving those with malicious motives an upper hand against those responsible for protecting the public.”


Defense World: Elta Awarded $39 Million for Counter UAS Systems

“Elta has been awarded a not-to-exceed $39 million contract action for counter unmanned aerial system supplies. This contract provides counter unmanned aerial system in support of US Strategic Command joint emergent operational needs, the US department of defense said in a statement Thursday.”


Defense Blog: New Chinese combat drone helicopters conducts firing test on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

“The newest Chinese unmanned attack helicopter recently completed successful test flights on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, CGTN reported. Three AV500W, AV500 and XM20 unmanned helicopters made test flights recently at an altitude of 4,300 meters on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, according to Jiangxi provincial office of science. The AV500 climbed to an altitude of 5,006 meters during tests on Oct 31, the maximum achieved by a domestically-made unmanned helicopter.”

Video on YouTube


The Telegraph: Drone users will be forced to sit safety tests as number of near misses with planes increases by 60 per cent

“Drone users will be forced to sit safety tests under a government clampdown after near misses with planes have increased by 60 per cent in a year. Thousands of lives are being put at risk by drone enthusiasts flying the devices near aircraft. This year there have been 99 reported incidents so far compared to 62 last year and just 29 in 2015.”


Stars & Stripes: How the Pentagon is preparing for the coming drone wars

“More than a decade after the improvised explosive device became the scourge of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon is battling another relatively rudimentary device that threatens to wreak havoc on American troops: the drone. Largely a preoccupation of hobbyists and experimenting companies, the vehicles are beginning to become a menace on the battlefield, where their benign commercial capabilities have been transformed into lethal weapons and intelligence tools.”


The Star (Malaysia): Things not looking up for drone owners

“The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) is setting up its own enforcement unit to put a stop to illegal drone flying in the country. What many drone owners do not realise, however, is that nearly all the flying they do outside their home compounds is considered unlawful in the first place. A DCA spokesman said the enforcement unit, which is expected to start operations early next year, would be based at all 21 airports nationwide.”


ECNS Wire: China trials first anti-drone system at Guangzhou airport

“A detection and defense system against unmanned aerial vehicles has been put into trail operation at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, local authorities announced on Thursday. With a “detective early warning system” and “drone interference system”, it is said to be the first system designed against illegal drones at a Chinese airport. The Cangqin system, installed at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in Guangdong Province, can monitor a low-altitude airspace 8 km in diameter.”


San Francisco Chronicle: Drone pilot arrested for dropping leaflets over NFL games

“A drone enthusiast with a strong dislike of television news was arrested Sunday afternoon after using a drone to float anti-media leaflets over NFL crowds in both Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara and the Coliseum in Oakland. The suspect, who was not immediately identified, sent his drone soaring over the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara during the second quarter of the game between the 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, police said. Later he hightailed it to Oakland where he deployed the drone over the Raiders game against the Denver Broncos, according to police.”

Additional coverage from ABC 7

Additional coverage from CBS 5

You Tube Video Playlist


The West Australian: DroneShield enters lucrative South American security market

“ASX-listed DroneShield has entered the lucrative South American security market after the Paraguayan defence ministry placed an order for the company’s innovative DroneGun device. DroneShield said on Friday that the Paraguayan Ministry of National Defence recently placed the first-ever South American DroneGun order via the company’s local distributor, Mega. The Defence Ministry’s order for the DroneGun, which is best described as a tactical drone jammer, followed a competitive tender in the South American nation, according to the company.”

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