Left of Launch Consulting

We are pleased to announce the start of our Left of Launch Consulting℠ service.

This responsive and flexible consulting package will act as a bridge between our structured red teaming and training solutions. Its objective is to put an adversary on your team for a variety of short-term events and projects. We have been planning the service for some time, but it has picked up steam in the last couple of months. With so many liability and legal issues emerging in UAS defense, as much as possible needs to be done left of drone launch to prevent reckless and malicious use before its even starts. We believe our red teaming and training goes a long way towards meeting this objective, but we need to be as nimble as your threats. A service like Left of Launch Consulting℠ can put us on the front lines by your side today.

We envision many potential uses including

One-time and quick reaction events

  • Sporting events
  • Political events
  • Civil unrest

Investigation support for

  • Nuisance drones
  • Repeat violations of protected areas by unknown drones
  • Drone crashes

Counter-UAS program advice for end users

  • Plans, policies, and procedures development and modification
  • Technology acquisition

There’s really no project too small, so bring us your drone problems.

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