March 2017 Counter-UAS Newsletter

C-UAS News

ISIS drones could target Europe

Defeating errant drones

New Ohio-developed tool aims to stop rogue drones

Drone used to burn debris on power line

Tehran bans drones after security scare

ISIS drones pose another danger as Iraqi troops push for Western Mosul

US Army needs short range air defenses…

Gryphon Sensors to Build $10M Drone Detection System

Strike on ISIS Drone Cell Highlights Airman’s Novel Intel Methods

U.S. Air Force Chief Scientist: Stealth Drones and Killer Swarms Could Be Coming Soon

Drone-Plane Near Misses, Other Incidents Surged 46% in U.S.

Azerbaijan destroys Armenian UAV

Use of ‘weaponized’ drones by Islamic State spurs terrorism fears

ISIS builds quadcopter ‘bomber’ with DJI drone and badminton supplies

Mesmer counter-UAS solution cleared for Australian import

This drone crashed inside a prison

Middle Eastern country buys DroneGun to combat UAVs

Houthis Saleh Coalition Unveils 4 New Home-Made Drones (Twitter)

Houthis Saleh Coalition Drones (You Tube)

FAA Issues Updated List of Potential UAS Sighting Reports

Counter-Terror Chief: Expect Terrorist Drone Swarms ‘Soon’

Security company aims to halt expanding drone threats

Handmade War Drones Take Off In Ukraine

Groza-R enters C-UAV fray

Drones threatened nuclear facilities

DSNA Services partners with Aveillant for counter-UAS solution

UAV & Drone Detection Radar from Kelvin Hughes

Why we need anti-drone technology

D13 completes successful test of counter-drone solution

Turkey sells Drone Killer system to Azerbaijan

Iran deploys jamming device to counter drones


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