Service Description

For clients with mature counter-UAS plans, policies, procedures, and equipment, we offer penetration testing (pen test) to ensure your defenses are capable of meeting current and future threats. The purpose of a pen test is to find vulnerabilities and exploit them under the guise of a threat defined in the rules of engagement (RoE). Like full-scale exercises, pen tests are conducted by fully autonomous red teams, but there is one notable difference. Pen tests are unannounced and only a small number of executives or senior management know about the test.

All flight operations in the United States are conducted under FAA Part 107 rules. Certain scenarios or operation locations, however, may require authorizations and waivers from the FAA. Therefore, we encourage clients to contact us as early in the planning process as possible. Furthermore, we may need coordination with local, state, and federal law enforcement/homeland security officials.

AISC also takes advantage of its extensive history in aerial targets by offering expendable targets. If safety and liability constraints allow, we can craft affordable solutions to allow clients to exercise the full counter-UAS process.   

Key Components

  • Information gathering
  • Threat modeling
  • Flexible attack cycle common to several types of threats
  • Post-test activities
  • Reporting


  • Written report
  • Onsite presentation (online, if desired)