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What is our risk to UAS right now?

The risk of reckless or malicious drone use varies greatly. While it is minimal in a vast majority of cases, there are circumstances where the risk can be very high. If you are in the private sector, visit our Who Is At Risk page to see if you are potentially at risk from drone-based threats. If you feel you are at risk or currently face potential threats, we recommend an Adversarial Review of your existing security posture.      

How effective are our UAS defenses against today’s threats? Tomorrow’s threats?

The UAS ecosystem, made up of technology and actors, is large and growing rapidly. A steady vigilance is required to ensure UAS defenses are effective against threats of today as well as tomorrow. We recommend periodic training and live exercises to maintain readiness. For defenders with well-honed UAS defenses, we also recommend periodic penetration testing to discover and eliminate new vulnerabilities.   

We need a threat representative UAS for…

Whether it is for training or system evaluation, threat representative UAS are a must. And while it may appear straightforward to buy a drone from a retail outlet and let employees fly it or maybe even hire a local drone service provider, there are no guarantees an adversary may employ that equipment in the same manner. Instead, we recommend an outside provider who can supply licensed pilots trained in aggressor tactics, techniques, and procedures and has access to a wider array of UAS platforms.   

We need to our personnel trained on the UAS threat.

The threats posed by drones are unique and may only be addressed in training provided by counter-UAS system providers, if at all. We recommend seeking an independent training provider who can educate front-line personnel on the UAS threat even before you purchase counter-UAS equipment. Our Basic UAS Threat Awareness course addresses this need. It, and follow-on advanced courses, are taught from the adversary’s perspective and include the tradecraft that we observe in the wild and develop in-house. When combined with our own red air force, we provide an unmatched ability to bring the threat to your door.    

We need a full risk assessment.

We do not perform full risk assessments, but we are happy to work with risk management specialists who lack drone threat expertise. 

We need onsite Counter-UAS expertise for an event.

We can provide an onsite subject matter expert (SME) service for scheduled events. Short notice and quick reaction responses to ongoing drone threats are subject to availability of resources.   

What if…?

Organizational biases, conflicts of interests, and fundamental failures in imagination can plague any action dealing with a potential UAS-equipped threat. To circumvent these problems, we recommend involving an impartial, external red team to explore the art of the possible. Our domain experts can support decision making processes by challenging assumptions, intelligence, and any other information to create alternate paths which may prevent future surprises.