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C-UAS News

Defense Blog: Syria’s military develops new weapon station against drones

“The Syrian weapon station is currently armed with a 12.7 mm belt-fed machine gun (MG) and 90 mm Osa anti-tank missile. The weapon station’s sensor pod is mounted on the center side and consists of an electro-optical system and thermal imaging night camera.”

My Science: Using a camera to spot and track drones

“EPFL researchers have shown that a simple camera can detect and track flying drones. Plus, the lightweight, energy-efficient and inexpensive technology could be installed directly on the drones themselves and enhance safety in the skies.”

Unmanned Aerial: UAV Incident at Michigan Prison Prompts Call for Stricter Drone Laws

“The Michigan Department of Corrections say they caught three individuals trying to use an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to smuggle a cell phone and drugs into a prison on early Thursday morning.”

US News: Border Agents Track Drone From Sky to Drugs on the Ground

“A 25-year-old U.S. citizen has been charged with using a drone to smuggle more than 13 pounds (5.9 kilograms) of methamphetamine from Mexico, an unusually large seizure for what is still a novel technique to bring illegal drugs into the United States, authorities said Friday.”

NBC 7: Man Using Drone to Smuggle Meth Across U.S.-Mexico Border Arrested: CBP

“The drugs were worth about $46,000 and weighed over 13 pounds, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).”

UAS Vision: WhiteFox C-UAS Technology Tested at US Military Base

“WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc. demonstrated its flagship product, the DroneFox, to a range of U.S. military leaders during the Joint Interagency Field Experimentation (JIFX) program from July 31 to August 4, 2017.”

UPI: Lockheed pairs drone with counter-UAS system

“Lockheed Martin’s Indago quadrotor drone is to be paired with a Danish system to detect and identify unmanned aerial system aircraft and their pilots, the companies involved announced this week. The counter-UAS system is the KNOX by MyDefense Communications and is being jointly developed under a new agreement between the companies.”

UPI: Battelle, Dedrone partner for counter-drone system

“Two U.S. companies, Battelle and Dedrone, have joined forces to create a system that combines drone detection capabilities with defeat technology. Battelle will leverage its DroneDefender system with Dedrone’s platform alert technology to protect critical infrastructure, the companies announced on Thursday.”

Hindustan Times: After Delhi airport scare, govt plans law to control use of drones

“The Union ministry of home affairs (MHA) is planning to bring in a legislation to prevent the misuse of drones, especially near airports of the country. On Sunday, the pilot of an Air Asia flight reported seeing a drone-like object near IGI Airport. Following this, the operations were shut for two hours.”

Janes: Paraguay seeks systems to intercept UAVs

“The Paraguayan Ministry of Defence (MoD) has launched a tender to buy a system to jam and intercept unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The move is aimed at curtailing unauthorised flights by Brazilian UAVs over Paraguay’s territory, military sources in Asunción told Jane’s .”

The Weather Channel: Power Crew Puts Fire-Throwing Drone to Work

“Power crews in Shanghai use a fire-throwing drone to remove a piece of plastic from a power line.”

UAS Vision: Russian Forces Deploy Anti-Drone Systems in Syria

“Russia has deployed defense systems to be used against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Syria, head of the Russian General Staff’s Office for the Development of UAVs Maj. Gen. Alexander Novikov said Friday.”

Janes: ZALA Aero develops counter-UAV system

“Kalashnikov Group subsidiary ZALA Aero Group unveiled a manportable counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system at the Army 2017 exhibition, held near Moscow from 22-27 August.”

Fortune: Drone-Maker DJI Wants You to Find Its Weak Spots

“China’s DJI, which makes popular consumer drones such as those in the Phantom line, has launched a bug bounty program to reward people for finding flaws in its software.”

Inside GNSS: With Help from Rohde & Schwarz, ESG’s GUARDION Solution Protects G20 Summit Against Threat of Unauthorized Drones

“The Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt/BKA) commissioned ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH to ensure the reliable and effective protection of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany (July 7-8 2017) against the unauthorized use of drones with components of their modular Counter-UAS System GUARDION.”

The National Interest: ISIS’ Terrorist Revolution: Sophisticated Drone Operations Pose Grave Threat to American Forces

“ISIS’ ability to operate in the third dimension could dramatically change the balance of capabilities between the terrorist group and the U.S. Coalition. The U.S. military has awakened to the seriousness of the armed drone threat. The mission to counter unmanned aerial systems (CUAS) has taken on a new urgency.”

Fox 5 NY: Drone interferes with LA firefighters

“At a news update Monday morning Los Angeles firefighters warned that a drone had interfered with their work on the La Tuna Fire that continues to burn. It happened on Sunday when a drone was flying in the area of the fire.  The Los Angeles Fire Department says they alerted law enforcement crews who took care of it with “minimal impact” to fire crews but it could have been worse. “If a drone is in the air, we cannot launch our helicopters or the fixed wing,” Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas said.  “So, if a drone is in the air, we cannot fly.”

Buffalo News: Drone over New Era Field lot during U2 concert leads to arrest

“A Rochester man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly operating a drone over the bus lot at New Era Field in Orchard Park during the U2 concert, town police said. Just after 8 p.m. Tuesday, police responded to a report about the drone. Erie County Sheriff’s deputies detained Joseph M. Danno, 39. Town police arrested Danno and seized a drone. Danno was charged with trespassing with an unmanned aircraft. He is set to return to court on Oct. 24.”

UAS Vision: LOKMAS “Stupor” Russian Counter-UAV Device

“Originating from Russian Ministry of Defense counter-UAV trials, the most recent version of the LOKMAS (the comany that produces it) “Stupor” Counter-UAV device was on display at ARMY 2017.”

MarketWatch: AUDS Counter-drone System Enhanced for Vehicle Deployment and to Defeat Swarm Attacks

“The AUDS counter-UAS defence system, the world’s leading fully integrated military grade detect-track-identify-defeat counter-drone solution, has been enhanced for deployment on military and commercial security and surveillance vehicles and with new technology to more effectively defeat swarm attacks by malicious unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including long-range winged drones.”

AINonline: DHS, Other Agencies Seek Law Changes To Intercept Drones

“Federal agencies have asked Congress to change laws that prevent law enforcement departments from taking down small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that present a threat, according to a senior official with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The push comes as the Department of Defense (DOD) has issued guidance allowing military installations to destroy rogue drones.”

McClatchy: Something else to fret about: ISIS mounting dirty bombs on drones

““I understand that an openly available drone, such as a quadcopter, which is able to hold a camera, can drop some dirty explosive device,” Friedrich Grommes, Germany’s top international terrorism official, told McClatchy on the sidelines of a national security forum.”

Reuters: U.N. aviation agency to call for global drone registry

“The United Nations’ aviation agency is backing the creation of a single global drone registry, as part of broader efforts to come up with common rules for flying and tracking unmanned aircraft.”

Daily Camera: CU Boulder team taps drone technology to help track lost hikers, study wildlife

“A team of University of Colorado engineers has developed a new drone “swarming” technology, which allows a single operator to control multiple unmanned aircraft simultaneously. This may help cover more ground, or air, while monitoring hiking areas and natural preserves marked by vast and rugged landscapes.”

NDTV: ‘Rogue’ UAVs Including Drones Could Be Shot Down In Proposed Policy

“Anti-terror force NSG and industrial security agency CISF may be empowered to shoot down “rogue” low-flying objects like drones and gliders under a new policy which is being finalised.

Shephard: MSPO 2017: Warmate development path planned out

“Polish outfit WB Group is putting together a future development plan for its Warmate loitering munition, that will include mixed-platform teaming and alternative payloads. The system is currently operated by four international customers, one being a NATO country, one European and the remaining two from the Middle East.  International delegations including at least one from Africa were seen being briefed on the loitering munition’s capabilities at the MSPO exhibition in Kielce.”

FEDWeek: Answer to UAS Threat Sought

“The Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) is working with industry to devise a plan to neutralize potential threats posed by unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The Mobile Force Protection (MFP) program is focused upon targeting these systems, which often are small and hard to detect. These potential aggressors are particularly tricky to root out. They can come in either fixed-wing or rotary iterations, are typically small, and are cheap to produce in large quantities. To wreak havoc, enemies merely have to deploy scores of them against ground and ocean-going convoys.”

iNews: Drone terror attack by jihadists in Britain is ‘only a matter of time’, security sources warn

“Security sources have said that the jihadist group is actively seeking to export bombing expertise honed during recent battles in Syria and Iraq to followers based in Europe. Potential targets include VIPs, passenger aircraft and crowds gathered for sporting or outdoor music events.”

Channel News Asia: CAAS sets out restriction zones for drones, other aerial activities during Singapore F1

“There will be a temporary restricted area over certain parts of Singapore for drones and other aerial activities during this year’s F1 race, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said on Friday (Sep 8).”

Express: Vatican terror alert: Drones feared to be loaded with ISIS bombs fly over Pope’s city

“A “suspicious” drone was spotted on Saturday morning flying over the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, causing a terror alert in the strict no-fly zone. On Monday a quadcopter, a drone with four motors, was seen flying over the nearby Pantheon and Rotonda Square in front of it, prompting police to call in reinforcements. The Vatican incident is causing much concern for the Pope and his team as police failed to recover the aircraft and still have not identified its owner.”

Liverpool Echo: Gang caught red handed flying drone loaded with drugs and phones into prison

“A hapless gang of Liverpool smugglers were caught red-handed flying a drone loaded with cannabis and mobile phones into prison. Two teenagers were collared by police in woods outside HMP Risley, Warrington , while two older crooks were stopped nearby in a BMW fitted with false number plates. Three of the men were locked up at Liverpool Crown Court today after admitting conveying listed items, namely cannabis and mobile phones, into a prison.”

You Tube: Commercial drone downed by Nammo’s programmable ammunition

Janes: Killing drones by hand [DSEI17D2]

“California-based technical and industrial innovations company IXI Technology is displaying its compact, hand-held Drone Killer counter-UAS system at DSEI (Stand N5-250). Drone Killer has been created to disable UAVs that could be used by criminal, terrorist or regular enemy forces for observation or attack purposes. It uses radio frequency (RF) power to disrupt the UAV’s command and control link and/ or GPS guidance, forcing it to land immediately or return to its launch point.”

UAS Vision: Poland’s WZL-2 Reveals Dragonfly Loitering Munition

“Poland’s WZL-2 used the recent MSPO defence industry exhibition in Kielce to unveil its Dragonfly vertical take-off and landing loitering munition system. With a maximum take-off weight of 5kg (11lb), the quadcopter is designed for combat operations, including in urban areas, and carries a warhead to conduct precision strikes against targets up to lightly armoured threats.”

Janes: DSEI 2017: Open Works Engineering details SkyWall 300 C-UAV system

“Open Works Engineering has released technical details of the company’s turret-mounted counter-UAV system, the SkyWall 300 automatic drone capture system. Currently in development, the SkyWall 300 can be secured to a static position or fitted to the roof of a vehicle.”

Bloomberg: Small Consumer Drones Unlikely to Cause Head Injury, Study Says

“The small, popular drones flooding the commercial market are unlikely to cause severe head injuries if they fall out of the sky and strike people, a new study has concluded. The results are similar to findings earlier this year by researchers associated with the Federal Aviation Administration and offer more justification for opening the door to unmanned operations over crowds.”

You Tube: Battelle DroneDefender® V2 Counter-UAS Device

Janes 360: Driving UAVs out of the sky

“Bulgarian company Optix (Stand N8-300) is presenting a counter-UAV system concept that can disrupt the navigation of an unmanned aircraft, forcing it to land or return to base. Using a combination of a radio frequency detection system, and a jammer dubbed the Optix Anti-Drone Man Pack system, the fielded system is effective against a range of small UAVs, is easy to use and maintain, and is flexible when deployed, the company says.”

You Tube: Fortem DroneHunter™ Demo


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