What is red teaming?

Our red team challenges an organization's ability to detect, identify, and defeat UAS threats by thinking and acting like an adversary.  We do thus by studying fast moving UAS technology as well as the multiple types of potential users. We then weave together realistic scenarios, which when presented to an organization, exercise tools and/or plans, policies, and procedures (P3). For targets with few defensive measures and subsequently many vulnerabilities, red teaming can be used to prioritize improvement efforts. Meanwhile, for targets with established defensive measures, red teaming can be used to expose vulnerabilities and optimize the response.

What are aerial target presentations?

Aerial targets are used by the military for training and testing ground-based air defenses and air-to-air combat systems. The majority of the time, the aerial target is shot at and sometimes destroyed. The aerial target is said to have "presented" itself when the "shooter" has an opportunity to use their equipment against the target, whether it be a sensor, gun, or missile. Your counter-UAS measures are essentially a ground-based air defense, thus it is a natural extension to need aerial target presentation services for training and testing. With our unique background in aerial targets, we can use commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) UAS, COTS UAS with internally crafted after-market modifications, and internally designed UAS to not only reduce flying costs, but to present the most realistic threat possible. Instead of just talking to the makers and operators of UAS, we do both in-house.

What do you mean by "in character" training?

Some adversaries, particularly terrorist groups, will have specialists in their organizations. Their knowledge is very valuable, so an organization will try to minimize their exposure to harm or capture. As a result, they may follow a standard training (or train the trainer) model to train and equip operatives to carry out their missions. In these cases, the specialist may come to the general target location or the operatives may meet the specialist at a safe facility away from the target. In either case, the training would attempt to simulate these actions as close as possible to keep your red cell in an adversarial mindset as well as providing an opportunity for the blue team to exercise indications and warnings (IAW) capabilities.